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Trevor Reacts to the El Paso & Dayton Shootings


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Trump Brings U.S. to Brink of War with Iran

The U.S.A. versus Iran. Over the past week, tensions in the Middle East have ramped up bigly, after Iran shot down an unmanned American sky dildo. And now, America said that the drone was shot down over international waters. But Iran said it was flying in their airspace. We’re learning that on Thursday night, America almost went to war. Just 24 hours ago, last night, the U.S. was within minutes of striking Iran, but President Trump suddenly stopping the strike before it could happen. President Trump tweeting this. Sweet Lord. America was ten minutes away from bombing Iran. And who stopped it? Donald Trump. (applause) Yeah. What-What’s that? Who ordered the strike? Also Donald Trump. (laughter, applause) The point is, we are at peace, thanks to, and in spite of President Trump. (laughter) And can we just take a second to acknowledge how often this happens? Trump takes us all to the brink of a crisis, and then, he’s the one that pulls us back at the last second.

Sometimes it feels like there are two different Trumps making these decisions. And you know what? Like, maybe there are. Maybe he has an identical twin running around the White House. You know? It’s like one of those Sister, Sister situations. Yeah. I mean, that would explain all of the flip-flopping. In fact, it would explain everything. He’d be like, “Mexicans are rapists!” “And some of them are good people.” “I’m gonna release my tax returns.” “No, I’m not.” “I’m gonna play golf.” “I’m also gonna play golf.” (laughter) So, as you saw in the president’s tweet, the reason that he called off the missile strikes is because, ten minutes before the launch, he found out how many people could die in a strike, and to him, a drone wasn’t worth taking human lives.

And honestly, I commend him for even saying that. But now, people are shooting down his story, like it’s an unmanned sky dildo. NEWSMAN: The Washington Post today reporting the president had been briefed hours earlier about potential risks and casualties, and was supportive of military action until around p.m., when he appeared to change his mind. This just doesn’t add up that… that when the president meets with his top Pentagon people, they give him a very thorough list, a menu of targets, and say, “You can hit this target, “you can hit that target. If you do, here are the possible casualties.” They run through the whole thing. Yeah, according to multiple people, the president’s story doesn’t make sense. ‘Cause they say a president doesn’t find out about potential casualties ten minutes before a strike. Those numbers are actually presented when the strike is proposed. In other words, they give the president a menu of options, and then he picks what he would like to do.

And I think that’s where this all fell apart. You see, this isn’t a guy who uses menus, okay? It looks too much like a book. This is a guy who points at pictures and asks for numbers. That’s who this is. “Give me that one with an extra that one.” That’s him. “And I’ll be taking a soak in the ball pit. Let me know when it’s ready.” Now, as much as we would like… we would like to believe that this happened because Trump didn’t pay attention in a meeting, it might actually be more complicated than that.

Right? Because it’s been reported that the president may have been given two different sets of casualty numbers. Yeah. That’s what happened. Well, that’s what they’re saying happened. And that wouldn’t be surprising, because it turns out there are two different factions in this administration, and they’ve both been pulling Trump in very different ways. NEWSWOMAN: Sources tell CNN Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton both favored striking Iran, while outside advisors reminded him of his promise to get the U.S.

Out of wars, not in them. NEWSMAN: Vice President Mike Pence supported the planned military strike on Iran but also agreed with the president’s decision to stop them. (laughter) Wait, what? The vice president supported launching air strikes and not launching air strikes? I’ve got to say, the last thing I expected to hear about Mike Pence is that he swings both ways. (laughter) (applause, whooping) Like… seriously, what a… what a straight-up kiss-ass. He’s like, “Sir, I think we should strike Iran.” (as Trump): “I don’t want to do it.” (as Pence): “And you shouldn’t, sir. Great decision.” So the hawks were pushing Trump into war, and the doves were urging restraint. And I don’t know what the doves told President Trump, but it looks like for now, it’s worked. NEWSMAN: The president says if it comes to war, the U.S. will “obliterate Iran,” but what he really wants is talks aimed at a new deal to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

If… Iran wants to become a wealthy nation again, become a prosperous nation, we’ll call it “Let’s Make Iran Great Again.” Does that make sense? Make Iran Great Again. -(laughter, groans) -Wait, what? Make Iran Great Again? So in 48 hours, Trump went from threatening Iran to pitching a MAGA franchise in Tehran? (laughter) And I’ll be honest, I don’t know if MIGA has the same ring to it. (laughter) And… it could be a lot of trouble if Iran ever pisses Trump off. He’d be like, “All right, they changed their minds, so we’re switching it to “Never Iran Great Again.” Be like, “Sir, no, I… I don’t think…

I don’t think we should…” “Change it now! Change it to Never.” “Look, sir, look what you’ve done.” -“Oh, my-my bad.” -(laughter) Look, if you pay attention, it’s pretty clear to see what’s happening here. Trump doesn’t want to go to war with Iran, right? And he also doesn’t mind sitting down with them to make a deal. Feels like the truth is, he just doesn’t want Obama’s nuclear deal. So, Iran, here’s all you need to do. Take the nuclear deal you already had, replace “Obama” with “Trump,” turn the whole thing gold for no reason… and, most importantly, don’t forget to use pictures. It makes it easy for him to decide.

Yeah. That’s a deal both Trump teams can get behind. .

As found on Youtube

How to Interview for What Is Needed In Commercial Genetics and Genomics Companies Today

Think of the most successful employees you’ve ever worked with, or the individuals you’ve mentored who excelled, or the leaders you’ve studied who seem to achieve every goal they set for themselves. Undoubtedly, a few common threads woven into their lives are the strength to discover why they failed, the skill to use that learning in the future to succeed, and the sheer will to get back on the horse and try again.

But exactly what is it that leads one person to try again when others just give up?

Industrial and organizational psychologists have spent decades researching this very subject. Angela Duckworth, assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and her research focuses on a personality trait she calls “grit.” She defines grit as “sticking with things over the very long term until you master them.” She writes that “the gritty individual approaches achievement as a marathon; his or her advantage is stamina.”

Success and Talent

What causes an individ

Furnace Installation and Repair in Fort Saskatchewan

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Furnaces Installation Fort Saskatchewan

Your family’s comfort is our number one priority. That’s why installing a new furnace in your home is about more than heating. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a new furnace, including fuel source, heating zones, air quality & furnace size.

Furnace Repair FortSaskatchewan

You’ll know when your furnace needs repairing because your house will give you signals. Warning signs of furnace trouble include unusual noises, a yellow pilot light, a higher than normal heating bill, and more.

Furnaces Replacement Fort Saskatchewan

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Furnace Maintenance Fort Saskatchewan

Furnace maintenance is the process of maintaining or preserving the integrity of your furnace. From something as simple as checking your filters to mor

The Cancer Miracle Isn’t a Cure It’s Prevention

We cannot treat our way out of the rising cancer caseload. The only solution is a full-scale defense, so that nobody suffers the disease in the first place.

By Madeline Drexler

In the next few years, cancer will become the leading cause of death in the United States. Later in this century, it is likely to be the top cause of death worldwide. The shift marks a dramatic epidemiological transition: the first time in history that cancer will reign as humankind’s number-one killer.

It’s a good news/bad news story. Cancer is primarily a disease of aging, and the dubiously good news is that we are living long enough to experience its ravages. Cancer’s new ranking also reflects public health’s impressive gains against infectious disease, which held the top spot until the last century, and against heart disease, the current number one.

The bad news is that cancer continues to bring pain and sorrow wherever it strikes. Siddhartha Mukherjee titled his magisterial biography of cancer T

Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us at CercaTalent+

“The heart filled with thankfulness is closest to the riches of the universe.”

As the holiday of Thanksgiving approaches, we are reminded of just how incredibly thankful we are for our colleagues, families, friends, a network that is hard-working, and for the amazing clients whose teams we support and encourage as they go through constant improvement.

We are thankful for the way you routinely display great passion for your work and how you let us be a part of that; for the way you remain intensely focused on growing; and for the countless ways you have trusted us to help in your professional, corporate and even personal success.

As many of us get ready to journey down the highway or airways to gather together with those we care for…or are waiting for them to come to us, we send you a heartfelt message of Thanksgiving and sincerest wishes for safe travels.

“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has”

Recruiting News – 6 Ways to Lead Change for Maximum Positive Impact

Charles Darwin is often quoted AND is more often misquoted. The most frequent transgression is, “Only the strong survive.” Fact is, there is no accurate record of him ever saying or writing it.

Here is what Darwin likely said about strength and survival, but even this might be most accurately attributed to a Louisiana State University business professor named Leon C. Megginson and his interpretations of Darwin’s work:

It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
nor the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Be an Innovator

Those who know the story of David versus Goliath understand it is about an underdog – a much smaller, weaker opponent – who takes on a champion of greater strength and size and wins. It is not in the winning we find a moral, but in the HOW. Just how could David slay a giant bully named Goliath?

David was incapable of meeting Goliath’s strength and power, but he was capable of adjusting to

Breast Cancer Screening Policies Questioned Again

Researchers conducting a large national registry study recommended changes to current breast cancer screening guidelines that would make family history a more important consideration in setting ages to begin regular mammography.

Elham Kharazmi, MD, PhD, of the National Center for Tumor Diseases in Heidelberg, Germany, and colleagues looked at data from large Swedish data sets on 5,099,172 women born there from 1932 onward with at least one known first-degree relative. Of these women in the latest dataset from 2017, 2.3% were diagnosed with primary invasive breast cancer, the majority of whom (86.4%) had no family history of the disease.

As described in the team’s nationwide cohort study online in JAMA Oncology, the risk-adapted starting age of screening was defined as the age by which women with a family history of breast cancer attained a 10-year cumulative risk that was similar to the average risk for women at the recommended age of screening initiation in the general population

Protein could offer therapeutic target for pancreatic cancer

A protein that drives growth of pancreatic cancer, and which could be a target for new treatments, has been identified by researchers at the Crick.

The study, published in Nature Cell Biology, looked into the most common type of pancreatic cancer, pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. This is an aggressive cancer that develops from secretory and tubular cells of the pancreas.

There are no effective therapies to treat this cancer and only 8% of patients survive beyond five years after diagnosis.

The researchers analysed a specific group of tumour cells, called cancer stem cells. Similar to how healthy human stem cells repair tissues and organs, these cells have the ability to start new tumours and they can also differentiate into different types of tumour cells.

As these cells are a driving force behind cancer growth, being able to identify if they are present is an important step towards the development of new treatments. By analyzing the gene expression of these cancer stem cells, the

8 Ways to Expand Your Reach and Accelerate Growth

How many times do we need to be reminded, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In the spirit of using opposites for illustration, think on this: Some things in life are just too good NOT to be true.

Get Rich Fast – too good to be true, or too good NOT to be true? Depends on how you answer these two questions:

What does it mean to be rich?
How does one live a richer, fuller life?

To answer, you have to understand the word rich. It is derived from a root word meaning reach. You become richer when you reach out and expand any dimension of your life, accomplished by leaping outside your comfort zone and targeting big, hairy audacious goals (BHAGS) or Wildly Important Goals (WIGs).

Fact: while we all live under the same sky, we all do not have the same view of the horizon. This is precisely why we must all constantly seek to extend our reach. Here is a 9-point plan for growing richer:

Reach for greater wisdom. This is very personal, yet every life requires a

Why You NEED to Hire a Professional Graphic Designer For your Branding

Why You NEED to Hire a Professional Graphic Designer For your Branding

Sure, cutting costs is ideal when you’re starting up a new business. You are bleeding money left and right: employees, new bills, computer, office furniture, software…etc. You make a list of priorities: What you need vs. what you want. Careful. Far too many businesses make the mistake of putting their branding at the bottom of their lists, and I’m first going to tell you why it should be on the top, and then I’m going to tell you why it is absolutely crucial to hire a professional.

Why is your branding so important? So your cousin Esther has played around in Photoshop a few times and she’s pretty sure she can throw something together that will look good. She finds a couple of fonts on Fontspace and you guys go back and forth until you see one that catches your eye. She slaps it inside a blue circle outline, adds a drop shadow, and throws you a jpeg to put up on your brand new Facebook page. “Perfect”

7 Peak Performance Essentials Pros Use and Others Will Not

At a time when the World Series has just ended in usual grand fashion and college hoops kicks off, beginning in the Garden last night, and with all the debate around student athletes potentially being paid for endorsements in two years, our thoughts turn to what it truly means to be a pro.

When one thinks of being a pro, our mind often turns to athletes who have reached the pinnacle of performance. By that definition, a professional is anyone who makes a living in a field where many are amateurs, and their work is characterized by reaching seemingly unattainable levels of performance while holding to the highest possible technical and ethical standards in that field.

In the world of business, one generally thinks of a professional as someone who has received special training then delivers outstanding results, having honed particular talents into an enviable set of valuable skills. No matter whether you think of athletes that kiss championship cups, stars that win Emmy’s or Oscars