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ekta kapoor

Dream Girl: Official Trailer | Ayushmann Khurrana, Nushrat Bharucha | 13th Sep

Let’s begin with the Play. Hail Sri Ram. Brother. Mother Sita is nowhere to be seen. – Sita. – Mother. Lord. Lord, you are back. – Hail.. – Mother Sita. Your mother went through an awful lot of trouble to have you. But you love to dress up like Sita or Radha. Do you have any idea how much debt I’m under? You have borrowed money from everyone except the blood bank. “Once you’re on my mind I can’t stop thinking about you.” Sir we middle-class people are the best. I know Croatia work. I can make a dancing peacock on a sweater. I can do anything except for getting pregnant. Please give me a chance. To get pregnant? Hire me. Hello..Puja speaking. What happened? Don’t you like my voice? You do, don’t you? Then.. to me. You’ll like me even better, my lover boy. “For you, my heart rings all day like a telephone.” “For you, my heart rings all day like a telephone.” Puja speaking! – What do you do? – Poet. No..poet. Are they different? All men are dogs. In fact, I would strip them off their clothes and throw then under a bulldozer.

Throw them under a bulldozer.. ..but why strip them first? Naughty girl. – Let’s hear something. – Really? Of course.. Why weren’t you answering your phone? I was bathing. Alone? No, I always bathe in groups. The entire neighborhood is in there with me. I wish I lived in your neighborhood too. It’s hard to decide whether I am the groom or the bride. You’ll look awesome in a bridal dress. I will marry only Puja. – I love Puja. – But I love Puja. If anyone tries to come between me and Puja, I will kill him. Who is Puja? Why is everyone chanting his name? Puja.. (Veneration) Don’t scare me like this. Couldn’t you just tell me directly? But Puja is important. “Radhe-Radhe..” How long will you keep exploiting women against her will? If there was ‘Me too’ during Mahabharata.. guys would’ve been the first to be arrested.

“Radhe-Radhe..” “Without you love has no meaning.” Hey lover boy. Daughter-in-law? – Take a sip, grandma. – Huh.. I mean greetings, grandma. – What are you doing? – Watering the plants? “Radhe-Radhe..” “Without you love has no meaning.” Love you, Puja. I cannot live without you. What? Is it you, Puja? If you call Puja then Diana Penty won’t answer your call? Penty. You didn’t hear I said Diana, you dog. .

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