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August 2019

Call Of The Siren

Metal music, lyrics, and videos from Edmonton, AB, CA on

Rising from the depths of Edmonton, Alberta, Call Of The Siren is a metalcore group starring Brandy Black on vocals, RJ Bevis and Chuck Matthews on guitars, Dave Feil on drums, and Dave St.Pierre on bass.

Assembled in late 2017, their sound comes from a unique forge of musical influences including Parkway Drive, Slayer, After The Burial, Lamb Of God, August Burns Red… among many others.

Call Of The Siren recently released their first full-length album, “The Void”, featuring two self-released singles “Curse Of You” and “Oblivion”.

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How The World Is Reacting To Hong Kong Protests | NBC News Now

Continuing to follow the latest from Hong Kong flights they’re suspended for a second straight day after police and protesters clashed in Hong Kong’s International Airport and there are even more protests beyond the airport grounds medical staff at over a dozen public hospitals staged a sit-in against police brutality and despite growing calls for chief executive Kerry lamb to resign the Chinese government is not caving in saying in a statement they firmly support Lam her government and the police force author of the coming collapse of China Daily Beast colonist Gordon Chang joins us now to discuss the latest and you know Gordon we know where this initially started that the protesters were upset about an extradition bill can you just sort of talk about how this movement was born and how it has changed to this point yeah the movement was born in April when he had the first protest actually organisers were so pessimistic they didn’t even think that they would actually schedule a March but they did they got a hundred and thirty thousand people in April and so they decided to try one in June June 9th you had 1 million people on the streets a week after that two million people carry lambo has been intransigent she’s been willing to suspend consideration of the bill but not withdraw about universal suffrage for the election of the chief executive the top political officer in Hong Kong and some a minority but some are even talking about freedom from independence from China so this is an escalating situation and Beijing has been showing really very little movement on its part I mean Gordon this is a huge issue not just for China and Hong Kong but around the world senator Mitt Romney tweeting that the protests are further exposing China’s relentless campaign of repression censorship and imprisonment of millions how do you react to that well President Trump has been progressively better in his comments but he’s still a long long way from where he should be as a leader of the free world I think that he’s getting advice from people see but the problem is that there’s nothing that Trump can say which would mimic this so at this particular time I think the United States should be resolute you got a lot of protesters who are waving American flags or singing the national anthem our national anthem and we’ve got to understand that we have the power to move this in a much better direction we need to have stern words with si Jinping the Chinese ruler all right Gordon Chang thank you so much for joining us on this thank you hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

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Dream Girl: Official Trailer | Ayushmann Khurrana, Nushrat Bharucha | 13th Sep

Let’s begin with the Play. Hail Sri Ram. Brother. Mother Sita is nowhere to be seen. – Sita. – Mother. Lord. Lord, you are back. – Hail.. – Mother Sita. Your mother went through an awful lot of trouble to have you. But you love to dress up like Sita or Radha. Do you have any idea how much debt I’m under? You have borrowed money from everyone except the blood bank. “Once you’re on my mind I can’t stop thinking about you.” Sir we middle-class people are the best. I know Croatia work. I can make a dancing peacock on a sweater. I can do anything except for getting pregnant. Please give me a chance. To get pregnant? Hire me. Hello..Puja speaking. What happened? Don’t you like my voice? You do, don’t you? Then.. to me. You’ll like me even better, my lover boy. “For you, my heart rings all day like a telephone.” “For you, my heart rings all day like a telephone.” Puja speaking! – What do you do? – Poet. No..poet. Are they different? All men are dogs. In fact, I would strip them off their clothes and throw then under a bulldozer.

Throw them under a bulldozer.. ..but why strip them first? Naughty girl. – Let’s hear something. – Really? Of course.. Why weren’t you answering your phone? I was bathing. Alone? No, I always bathe in groups. The entire neighborhood is in there with me. I wish I lived in your neighborhood too. It’s hard to decide whether I am the groom or the bride. You’ll look awesome in a bridal dress. I will marry only Puja. – I love Puja. – But I love Puja. If anyone tries to come between me and Puja, I will kill him. Who is Puja? Why is everyone chanting his name? Puja.. (Veneration) Don’t scare me like this. Couldn’t you just tell me directly? But Puja is important. “Radhe-Radhe..” How long will you keep exploiting women against her will? If there was ‘Me too’ during Mahabharata.. guys would’ve been the first to be arrested.

“Radhe-Radhe..” “Without you love has no meaning.” Hey lover boy. Daughter-in-law? – Take a sip, grandma. – Huh.. I mean greetings, grandma. – What are you doing? – Watering the plants? “Radhe-Radhe..” “Without you love has no meaning.” Love you, Puja. I cannot live without you. What? Is it you, Puja? If you call Puja then Diana Penty won’t answer your call? Penty. You didn’t hear I said Diana, you dog. .

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Real estate and housing market trends 2019

In this video we’ll look at the top real estate and housing trends for 2019, from the product side to the financing side. That’s starting right now. Welcome to Home Buyers School, Brought to you by Brookfield Residential. Hi everyone, I’m Karl, welcome to another Home Buyer School video. A channel where you get the latest strategies tactics and tips from home buying experts. And remember if this is your first time on this channel and you want to get the latest strategies from the experts hit the subscription button below. Hit the little notification bell so you don’t miss anything. So today I’m joined by Kevin French, a realtor with RE/MAX realty, and today the question we’re gonna answer is, what are some of the housing and real estate trends for 2019? So Kevin maybe we start this off with in terms of maybe interest rates and mortgage rates. What are you seeing in terms of the direction in 2019 and beyond? Affordability is a pretty big issue.

I think the major concern is that when the government makes decisions, they make them federally, so it’s across the country so we’re trying to band-aid or fix concerns over the Vancouver and Toronto market, specifically, and then those new rules apply as a blanket to the entire country. The stress test is obviously slowed

down the market overall. A lot less buyers in the market. People are then weighing well if I could afford 400 and now I can only afford 300 maybe I’ll just keep renting because I don’t get what I want.

And then there’s speculation that they’re going to change the mortgage rules to be in the favor of the buyers maybe that’s from a 25-year amortization to a 30-year or maybe it’s assisting with the downpayment in some way and that would make it so that more buy – buyers could potentially afford more or be more comfortable purchasing but those aren’t set in stone yet so because it’s in the unknown there’s a few handful buyers that are waiting on the sidelines. And we also saw in the budget the the first time homebuyer incentive as well as the I think the increase in amount you can take out from your RRSPs as well right so those kind of things are… And that’s withdrawing RRSPs for your first time home purchase. They are taxes so you don’t have to pay taxes on the withdraw but you do have to pay it back within 15 years, unless things have changed or they’re planning on adjusting that so it’s a way to you know expedite your down payment if you did have that money set aside for retirement and get you into a property sooner. Increases and that would obviously make it so that your mortgage payments would go down you’d have more equity in the property from day one.

Let’s just move from finance to actual product types. For example in my neighbourhood I’m starting to see a lot of duplexes starting to be put up. It’s like single-family torn down, duplex comes up or duplex, duplex, duplex, duplex is that something that’s a trend generally or is it more just because it’s a neighborhood or…. This must be inner-city? So that’s infill development which is ever throughout everywhere in inner city. That’s basically the city turning a 50-foot lot into two homes or maybe four if they can fit a four-plex on there, that’s increasing density and in Calgary there’s great opportunity for small developers or large developers if they’re working in the infill game that they can purchase a property and then build to and make profit out of it. That’s probably the biggest increase or a reason why there’s an increase in

infills and while there’s a demand for them but it also gives buyers the opportunity to purchase a brand new property that is in the area that they want and if it’s duplex typically more affordable for them as well.

If you’re going if other trends within what’s being built is secondary suites or the ability to have a revenue helper whether it’s a mother-in-law suite or a family member is going to live there we’re seeing a change in the city’s development permits. So in new areas they’re handing out new zoning and new regulations that allow for that to be legally included and then the builders are building that and then of course that gives the person the opportunity to live on the second the first and second level and then have somebody else live in the basement and rent it out completely legally. Is there popularity of a specific home type? Is there something bucking the trend or is it still single-family homes? You know there’s the city and people like increasing density so in terms of multi families, or is it still single-family still the big driver in the market? If price point didn’t matter it would be single-family. Since it does it drive some single-family purchasers in a duplex. Single-family has weathered the storm the best so it’s still the best purchase overall. I don’t think that we’re gonna see this shift for a longer period a much longer period of time of the needs of the Millennials or other generations needing a different lifestyle in terms of condo living.

I think we’ll see a shift in needing less space so not needing a 2,400 square foot duplex over three levels and for two people or for three people or for four people. That’s a that’s a lot of square footage so there’s a handful of people that have sold homes with me in the last year that have sold their home simply because it’s just too much space. They don’t go into this room they’ll go into that room we barely go into the basement so why do we have this.

They’re downsizing and they’re in their 30s. So it’s not like your typical downsize or it’s like I need to reduce because all my children have left, it’s like I don’t need to use every single room so why do I need to…

And with that they’re often decreased in their mortgage. In your opinion then is 2019 is still a game this may be a loaded question but it’s 2019 a good year to buy a home? It’s an excellent year to buy a home. I’ve been hesitant in saying that it’s a good year to buy a home for the last four years. I’m more confident in it now because you know the Calgary real estate board puts out statistics every year and they make predictions on what’s going to happen and the following year and those predictions are pretty accurate. This year I believe it’s 2.4% decrease in home prices. That was expected to be seen in the first half of the year more so than the last half of the year. Now that we’ve had the election of course that has impacted things it’s kind of hard to pinpoint it because we just had the spring market or we’re in the middle of the spring market at the same time as having the election in the new control so there’s the market is extremely busy right now.

Is it because it’s Spring? Is it because of the change? But it’s speculation is that’s given a lot more confidence to the market overall And how about like there’s a spring market and is there’s a fall market right? What are your expectations in terms of the fall market? Do you feel like there’s like a steady increase like in terms of buyers or are we still in that market where

people are still hesitant? It’s you’re probably similar to the spring people will be a bit hesitant still. There’s still a lot of people that are trying to time the market and see where the bottom is and then and then purchased then. There’s been a lot less conversation though now in 2019 about doing that then there has been in the last three years. The last three years it’s I think it might go down in the next six months I’m gonna wait I think it might go down. The reality is, the amount that Calgary has continued to decrease and while you talk specifically to the detached side, the
amount that the markets continued to decrease.

If you were renting a comparable home, you would still be better off to purchase. If you purchased in 2015 – 18 that detached home that’s 2,000 square feet say the cost to rent that property and then what you’d be paying in a mortgage and building in equity the offsets pretty much the same so you might as well just get the property you want cuz once it turns around you’ll be gaining equity. Nice if you can time it perfectly. Which I don’t think anyone can because there’s always another bottle right And remember if you want to know more about the advantages of owning versus renting, check out her video above in the description below. So Kevin did you have anything else add in terms of housing transferred 2019? I would just encourage people to purchase what they can afford and not what they think they need within your means and buy the property that’s the right size for you. Don’t overspend and buy a place with three bedrooms that you’ll never enter. and if you want to know more about home buying and the home buying process, watch these videos here and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the notification bell, to keep learning from the experts.

Thanks for watching and we’ll catch you in our next video! .

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Real Estate

What Your Oncology Recruiter MUST Know To Quickly Fill Your Job

Your Recruiters WANT to fill your jobs, efficiently and well. This is not specific to internal or external recruiters. As a recruiter, this outlines all we need to know in order to ensure hiring success.

Are you ready to impress the you upper management by being the one with the best team in the entire business? Do you want to be number one with a professional team that can’t be beat? All of that is completely possible when you know how to hire the best talent.

You also have to be great at attracting, recruiting and retaining the best talent. Attracting Talent has everything to do with your employment brand, and hopefully you are working hard to make candidates WANT to come work for you. Retaining Talent is also important. You must provide excellent training, career advancement opportunity and competitive compensation… at a minimum. Finally, you have to be able to recruit the best talent. Since most managers do not have the time to do their own recruiting, they rely on industry p

Trevor Reacts to the El Paso & Dayton Shootings


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