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Trevor Reacts to the El Paso & Dayton Shootings


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Trump Brings U.S. to Brink of War with Iran

The U.S.A. versus Iran. Over the past week, tensions in the Middle East have ramped up bigly, after Iran shot down an unmanned American sky dildo. And now, America said that the drone was shot down over international waters. But Iran said it was flying in their airspace. We’re learning that on Thursday night, America almost went to war. Just 24 hours ago, last night, the U.S. was within minutes of striking Iran, but President Trump suddenly stopping the strike before it could happen. President Trump tweeting this. Sweet Lord. America was ten minutes away from bombing Iran. And who stopped it? Donald Trump. (applause) Yeah. What-What’s that? Who ordered the strike? Also Donald Trump. (laughter, applause) The point is, we are at peace, thanks to, and in spite of President Trump. (laughter) And can we just take a second to acknowledge how often this happens? Trump takes us all to the brink of a crisis, and then, he’s the one that pulls us back at the last second.

Sometimes it feels like there are two different Trumps making these decisions. And you know what? Like, maybe there are. Maybe he has an identical twin running around the White House. You know? It’s like one of those Sister, Sister situations. Yeah. I mean, that would explain all of the flip-flopping. In fact, it would explain everything. He’d be like, “Mexicans are rapists!” “And some of them are good people.” “I’m gonna release my tax returns.” “No, I’m not.” “I’m gonna play golf.” “I’m also gonna play golf.” (laughter) So, as you saw in the president’s tweet, the reason that he called off the missile strikes is because, ten minutes before the launch, he found out how many people could die in a strike, and to him, a drone wasn’t worth taking human lives.

And honestly, I commend him for even saying that. But now, people are shooting down his story, like it’s an unmanned sky dildo. NEWSMAN: The Washington Post today reporting the president had been briefed hours earlier about potential risks and casualties, and was supportive of military action until around p.m., when he appeared to change his mind. This just doesn’t add up that… that when the president meets with his top Pentagon people, they give him a very thorough list, a menu of targets, and say, “You can hit this target, “you can hit that target. If you do, here are the possible casualties.” They run through the whole thing. Yeah, according to multiple people, the president’s story doesn’t make sense. ‘Cause they say a president doesn’t find out about potential casualties ten minutes before a strike. Those numbers are actually presented when the strike is proposed. In other words, they give the president a menu of options, and then he picks what he would like to do.

And I think that’s where this all fell apart. You see, this isn’t a guy who uses menus, okay? It looks too much like a book. This is a guy who points at pictures and asks for numbers. That’s who this is. “Give me that one with an extra that one.” That’s him. “And I’ll be taking a soak in the ball pit. Let me know when it’s ready.” Now, as much as we would like… we would like to believe that this happened because Trump didn’t pay attention in a meeting, it might actually be more complicated than that.

Right? Because it’s been reported that the president may have been given two different sets of casualty numbers. Yeah. That’s what happened. Well, that’s what they’re saying happened. And that wouldn’t be surprising, because it turns out there are two different factions in this administration, and they’ve both been pulling Trump in very different ways. NEWSWOMAN: Sources tell CNN Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton both favored striking Iran, while outside advisors reminded him of his promise to get the U.S.

Out of wars, not in them. NEWSMAN: Vice President Mike Pence supported the planned military strike on Iran but also agreed with the president’s decision to stop them. (laughter) Wait, what? The vice president supported launching air strikes and not launching air strikes? I’ve got to say, the last thing I expected to hear about Mike Pence is that he swings both ways. (laughter) (applause, whooping) Like… seriously, what a… what a straight-up kiss-ass. He’s like, “Sir, I think we should strike Iran.” (as Trump): “I don’t want to do it.” (as Pence): “And you shouldn’t, sir. Great decision.” So the hawks were pushing Trump into war, and the doves were urging restraint. And I don’t know what the doves told President Trump, but it looks like for now, it’s worked. NEWSMAN: The president says if it comes to war, the U.S. will “obliterate Iran,” but what he really wants is talks aimed at a new deal to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

If… Iran wants to become a wealthy nation again, become a prosperous nation, we’ll call it “Let’s Make Iran Great Again.” Does that make sense? Make Iran Great Again. -(laughter, groans) -Wait, what? Make Iran Great Again? So in 48 hours, Trump went from threatening Iran to pitching a MAGA franchise in Tehran? (laughter) And I’ll be honest, I don’t know if MIGA has the same ring to it. (laughter) And… it could be a lot of trouble if Iran ever pisses Trump off. He’d be like, “All right, they changed their minds, so we’re switching it to “Never Iran Great Again.” Be like, “Sir, no, I… I don’t think…

I don’t think we should…” “Change it now! Change it to Never.” “Look, sir, look what you’ve done.” -“Oh, my-my bad.” -(laughter) Look, if you pay attention, it’s pretty clear to see what’s happening here. Trump doesn’t want to go to war with Iran, right? And he also doesn’t mind sitting down with them to make a deal. Feels like the truth is, he just doesn’t want Obama’s nuclear deal. So, Iran, here’s all you need to do. Take the nuclear deal you already had, replace “Obama” with “Trump,” turn the whole thing gold for no reason… and, most importantly, don’t forget to use pictures. It makes it easy for him to decide.

Yeah. That’s a deal both Trump teams can get behind. .

As found on Youtube

9 Essentials for Building the Perfect Resume | biotech recruiter

Few of us are experts at resume writing, but when you’re trying to secure that ideal Genetics Sales job you just heard about, you’ll need to up your game and prepare the perfect sales resume to get the attention of a hiring manager or genetics recruiter. What exactly is it that captures the attention of hiring managers?

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Your goal with a resume is to catch the attention of a hiring manager, so that he/she will be intrigued enough to pass your resume on to the next person higher up in the hiring process. Once you get to that step, it’s likely you’ll be called in for an interview, and that will call for a whole different set of skills.

Everything you need to create the perfect sales resume is described below, so even if you’re not an expert at resume wr

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Polished Concrete

1. Zero impact on the environment

Well maybe not zero, but very little. Imagine you bought a warehouse that you are going to convert to apartments. Very cool idea and gaining ground in urban areas. After figuring out your budget, you decide on how to divide up the space, you pick out finishes, and do all of the things that you need to do.

Everything that is going to go into that remodel will have some impact on the environment. Drywall must be manufactured, as does paint, nails, and screws. How about the lumber that needs to be installed? Trees needs to be harvested for that.

Then what to do with the floor. Carpet? Tile? Hardwood? These choices all have an environmental impact.

If you consider the impact that polished concrete has it is very minimal. Polished concrete is using a machine to process the concrete slab until the desired finish and gloss is achieved.

You can create a focal point with your floor without installing anything. Best of all the floor will last

Biotech Recruiter – 7+ Horrible Mistakes You Are Making When Hiring

Here are a few common hiring mistakes:

There is a lot of talk about how people should trust their gut and go with their first impression. That might work in other areas of life, but it is rarely a good idea when it comes to hiring an employee. Whether a hiring manager personally likes a job candidate has no bearing on that individual having the right qualifications for the job or fitting into company culture. In the BioTech and Diagnostics Industries where Cerca Talent recruits, one professional could be responsible for a territory that’s worth $20MM or more in annual revenue. Hiring a “great guy” or “super woman” for the job might lead to a dismal failure if they do not have the skills and background to succeed in the role.
Although companies have a number of options to find qualified candidates, they often rely on job boards alone to bring in resumes — theirs or paid postings. They also tend to overlook the importance of diversity in the workforce. Active recrui

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Why drug testing needs to improve with Cancer

Researchers keep on developing new drugs to fight cancer, and while some are indeed effective, others never fulfill their promise. A new study now explains why many cancer drugs may not work in the way their developers think they do. But within the problem also lies the solution.

A new study finds that many new cancer drugs may not work as intended.

Cancer affects millions of people around the world, and in some cases, it does not respond to the forms of therapy that doctors usually prescribe.

For this reason, researchers keep on looking for ever more effective drugs that can stop cancer in its tracks. Sometimes, these new therapeutics live up to their developers’ expectations, while at other times they fall short.

As the search for improved anticancer drugs continues, a new study has discovered that many of the new medications that do work often target different mechanisms than those the scientists intended them for.

This may also explain why many new drugs fail to work.

The f

There is a New Blood Test That Could Help People At Risk of Cancer Avoid Unnecessary Biopsy

A new blood test that looks for circulating tumor cells could significantly improve the diagnosis of prostate cancer and avoid unnecessary biopsies and treatments.

A new blood test could help many people at risk of prostate cancer avoid unnecessary biopsies.

Combining the new test with prostate specific antigen (PSA) results can yield a diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer that is more than 90% accurate, according to a Journal of Urology study.

This level of accuracy is higher than that of any other biomarker for prostate cancer, says senior and corresponding study author Dr. Yong-Jie Lu, a professor of molecular oncology at the Barts Cancer Institute of Queen Mary University of London in the United Kingdom.

“This could lead to a paradigm shift in the way we diagnose prostate cancer,” he adds.

Circulating tumor cells are cancer cells that have left the original tumor and entered the bloodstream. Once cancer cells are in the bloodstream, they can spread to other parts of the

You’ve Been Downsized From Your Oncology Diagnostics Marketing Position? Now what?

Oh my! You have just learned that your job has been eliminated or you’ve been demoted from your current role. What do you do? First of all, try not to panic.

Downsizing does happen… but not to me, you say? This is probably no comfort, but downsizing is not uncommon, and it can happen to anyone. So, take some deep breaths and move past the denial stage. Try to relax and put together an action plan. Just like anything else in life, you need to start taking steps to better your situation and get what you want.
First, let’s review some “housekeeping” issues.

Collect Your Final Paycheck

Make sure that you know when you will receive your last paycheck, and how it will be delivered to you. Some states require employers pay it immediately; others may allow a short time lag. Make sure you get everything that is due to you. Entitlements could include monies for overtime, back pay, accrued vacation, or sick leave. Talk to the appropriate person in your HR department to learn what yo

Classic burger joint coming soon to Medical Lake

Medical Lake burger lovers prepare your palates – good things may be coming your way.

Debi Long and her husband Joe, of Ruby’s on Silver Lake, are working feverishly to open a new classic 50s-style, family hamburger restaurant at 711 East Lake St. they will be calling Jake’s.

“I’m just trying to help get this stuff going for her,” Joe said in the middle of working on an exhaust hood in the kitchen during a recent phone interview

The Long’s have been remodeling the restaurant’s interior from scratch, according to building owner Miranda Spilker.

“It was a completely empty building when I bought it,” Spilker said of the property she purchased about a year ago and is now leasing to the Longs.

According to local lore, the building has in the past housed the Donut Depot, the Emporium – called either a junk shop or antique store, depending on the person describing it – and a former local gas station and convenience store called Snode’s, where some locals recall buying penny candy as kids

How Building Trust Creates Confidence In Genomic and Diagnostic Recruiting

How Building Trust Creates Confidence In Genomic and Diagnostic Recruiting

“I trust you.”

For many of us, these words are something abstract — a rather fluffy, sometimes fuzzy thing. Yet, trust is not some soft, ethereal or elusive quality you either have or do not. Rather, trust is a pragmatic, tangible, actionable asset that must be developed, and you can create it much faster than you might believe possible. This is important, as transcendent values, like trust and integrity, literally translate into profits and prosperity in whatever way you count real value.

In the end, we only work with those we know, like and TRUST. When you trust others, you feel assured in their abilities to do something or to remain true to and steadfast in a partnership. When you trust a brand or a product, you see it as reliable and dependable.

Simply put, trust is confidence. It is the ability to depend on the integrity, strength and skill of another to perform as promised and keep us informed o

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With nothing left to prove in his homeland, he’s brought his unique collection of talents to the United States, starring in the popular American TV show UnREAL broadcasted