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Checking email too often is a significant productivity drain. Email by its very nature is not usually urgent without it's your own job, such as answering customer support emails. Here are some tips to prevent email from taking too big a chunk out of your day.

1. Decide in advance exactly when you'll check email.

Do not check email haphazardly. You can easily waste 30-60 minutes per day checking email too often. In most cases you should be fine checking your email 3x per day maximum. I typically check mine in the morning, at lunch, and at the end of the workday. And that's only if I'm involved in active open-loop communications. If I do not have any active open loops, then I'll usually check email once or twice a day. Handle your email in batches to increase your efficiency.

Experiment with how often you really need to check email. Realize that you're paying a productivity price the more often you check it. Curiosity is not a good enough reason to check email. Have a legitimate business reason for checking email as often as you do. See how infinitely you can push it without causing problems. For many people once a day or even once every two days will work just fine.

Once you check email in the morning, promise yourself that you will not check it again until the end of the day, and set a specific time. I'll check my email twice today, so I will not check it again until after 6:00 pm. If it's before that time, I will not allow myself to check it.

If you get addicted to checking your email too often, you can help break the habit by making it harder to run your email program. Remove the program icon from your desktop and your quick launch bar, so you have to hunt for it on the Start Menu. Or make yourself launch Explorer and navigate to find the icon from there. Adding extra steps can help break the pattern of impulse checking. And if that still does not work, setup your email on a separate PC like a laptop that you must boot up every time you want to check email.

2. Use email only for non-urgent communication.

Do not turn email into an urgent-driven communication tool. It's not designed for that. If time is of the essence, then pick up the phone. Now that you can get unlimited long distance for $ 25 / month from companies like Vonage (also check out Skype), there's no reason to be stingy with the phone.

If you have others pressuring you to check your email more often than once or twice a day, such as people that get frustrated if they do not get a reply from you within an hour or two, then you need to push back. Let such people know that they should never use email for truly urgent communication with you – if they need a fast reply, they must pick up the phone or visit you in person (if you're both co-located).

3. Disable email checking on program startup.

Do not set your email program to auto-check email every time you launch the program. You want to be able to send an email at any time during the day without automatically checking email too. You may often need to send emails during the day as part of various tasks, but you do not need to check email at those times. Check email only when there's a legitimate reason for checking.

4. Log your email usage.

Create an email log, and record how often you check email. You can do this with a sheet of paper. Just record the start and stop times whenever you run your email program. Do it for about a week, and see how much time you're spending on email. Is it worth it? If you're checking your email more than 20 times a week without a legitimate reason, you're wasting way too much time. Try giving yourself a daily or weekly email checking quota, and once you hit it, you can not check your email anymore until the next day / week when your quota resets. Offer yourself a reward like going to see a movie or going out to dinner the first week you come in under quota.

Email is a powerful business and personal communication tool, but it's easily abused. Why? Because it's so easy. Checking and answering email is something you know you can do, so it provides an immediate sense of accomplishment. But it's a hollow victory, and if you spend your days masterfully checking and answering email, you'll go now and crowd out those actions that could really move you ahead.

Replace frivolous email abuse with purposeful intention. Use it to enhance your productivity instead of to destroy it. Consciously scrutinize the way you use email, decide what legitimate role it will play in your life, and set boundaries to enforce that role.

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Breaking Internetional News: 2017-10-20 19:42:31

  • US-backed forces declare 'total liberation' of ISIS stronghold
    • US-backed militias on Friday declared the "total liberation" of the Syrian city of Raqqa, which for more than three years was the de facto capital of ISIS.
  • Past US Presidents take aim at Trump
    • European leaders have indicated that they are ready to start discussing their post-Brexit relationship the UK, giving embattled British Prime Minister Theresa May a much-needed boost after months of talks that appeared to be going nowhere.
  • Merkel won't stop Britain falling off Brexit cliff edge
    • It has become the norm in recent negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom for London to place faith in Berlin -- and in particular Angela Merkel -- to deliver the deal that the UK is looking for. But this is misguided.
  • Trump incorrectly suggests link between terrorism and rising UK crime rate
    • President Donald Trump incorrectly suggested there is a link Friday between rising crime rates in the United Kingdom and the "spread of Radical Islamic terror."
  • How a month of hurricane nightmares changed Puerto Rico -- and me
    • I am writing this in the dark. The hotel doesn't have power, and one of the generators failed. I had to walk up 10 flights of stairs to get to my hotel room because the elevators don't work. The lights have been flickering all night.
  • Dozens killed in two Afghan mosque attacks
    • Suicide attackers in Afghanistan killed nearly 60 people at two mosques Friday -- one in the Afghan capital of Kabul and the other in the central province of Ghor.
  • The women risking their lives for gay rights
    • Filmmaker Gabriel Chaim has been embedded with US-backed forces in Raqqa. He has been filming GoPro footage throughout his time there.
  • US preparing for North Korea's 'final step'
    • CIA Director Mike Pompeo said the United States has to act as if North Korea is on the verge of being able to strike it with a missile and act accordingly -- and that President Donald Trump is ready to do so.
  • Report: Pollution kills 9 million people worldwide since 2015
    • The fatal effects of pollution are seen across our planet.
  • Tarantino apologizes for staying silent about Weinstein
    • Quentin Tarantino, the famed director and frequent Harvey Weinstein collaborator, said in an interview that he had heard accounts of abuse by Weinstein and regrets not acting on it.
  • US army widow says Trump understood her loss
    • Natasha De Alencar was sitting at home after a trip to Walmart in April when a phone rang. It was President Donald Trump, and he wanted to talk about her husband.
  • The women fighters who helped defeat ISIS in Raqqa
    • Kurdish female fighters have celebrated in Raqqa this week after the defeat of ISIS militants, whose brutal rule over the city has come to an end after almost four years.
  • Where is ISIS leader hiding?
    • As US-backed forces this week announced they'd ousted ISIS from its self-declared capital in Syria, the fate of the terror group's reclusive leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, remains a mystery.
  • Trump always takes the low road
    • On Thursday night, following a day of back-and-forth over who said what in a phone call between the President of the United States and a military widow, President Donald Trump tweeted this: "The Fake News is going crazy with wacky Congresswoman Wilson(D), who was SECRETLY on a very personal call, and gave a total lie on content!"
  • Iraqi forces clash with Peshmerga north of Kirkuk
    • Clashes between Iraqi forces and Peshmerga fighters broke out Friday as Iraqi forces moved north of Kirkuk to the town of Altun Kupri.
  • Snap election could pay off for Japan's Abe
    • If current opinion polls are to be believed, this Sunday voters in Japan will return Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to office with an increased majority, putting the 63-year-old conservative on track to become the longest-serving leader in the country's post-war history.
  • Amazon boss smashes bottle on top of wind turbine
    • Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos christened his company's latest wind farm by smashing a bottle on top of a 300-foot-tall wind turbine.
  • US company to restart MH370 search
    • A US marine exploration company has agreed to restart the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370, according to the Australian transport minister.
  • Trump's actions are beginning to have global consequences
    • The last time Baghdad sent troops into Kirkuk to kick out Kurdish forces, I was in the first group of journalists taken to see the aftermath.
  • Oscar-winning actress shares her Weinstein story
    • Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o has a Harvey Weinstein story, too. And she's sharing it in hopes of doing her part to end what she calls in a New York Times op-ed a "conspiracy of silence."

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