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Private Winnipeg clinic now offering diagnostic scans for a price

Pay instead of wait — that’s a new option Manitobans now have when it comes to certain diagnostic testing. Prota Clinic, a privately operated facility in Winnipeg, has started offering echocardiograms and ultrasound scans for purchase. The clinic’s cofounder Dimitrios Balageorge told CTV News that patients will have to get a referral from their doctor to be eligible. “Because it is local, local physicians will be able to see those scans and have discussions with people about the findings and detail in order to provide treatment,” said Balageorge. Balageorge saidRead More

Scientists mobilize for a fight over powerful gene-editing technology – Health

Kelly Crowe It sounds like the plot of a science fiction novel: Scientists discover how to eradicate an entire species. Environmentalists want to stop the research. A United Nations committee invites experts to an online forum to consider the facts. Behind the scenes, the scientists organize to present certain information. The environmentalists find out and get access to the scientists’ personal emails and dump them on the internet. But it’s not fiction. It all happened — the first skirmish in a battle over what could be one of the most powerful technologies ever developed. The technology isRead More

Hydro One grounds helicopter crews after crash, holds vigils for workers killed

By Daniela Germano , The Canadian Press Published Friday, December 15, 2017 3:56PM EST TORONTO — One of Canada’s largest electricity companies has grounded its helicopter fleet as investigators work to determine what caused a chopper crash that killed four of the utility’s workers in eastern Ontario. Hydro One’s eight helicopters will not operate until a thorough review of safety protocols and equipment is complete, CEO Mayo Schmidt said Friday, noting that the measure was standard procedure after any serious workplace incident. None of the four men on board theRead More

Creep Catchers say leader Ryan Laforge arrested

There are reports that Surrey Creep Catchers president Ryan Laforge was arrested once again on Wednesday night. Source link #USA #News #USnews #worldnews #headlinenews #Breakingnews #weathernews #UnitedStates news #CanadianNews #weatherforecast top news #stories,Us news today #hourlyweather #Cbcnews #CBC

Police seek details on suspect believed to have sold gun used in double murder

Calgary police are looking to speak with a man believed to have sold a gun used in a double murder on the May Long Weekend. The individual, who goes by the name ‘Tyson’ is alleged to have sold a firearm to Christian Ouellette, the man charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Colin Reitberger and Anees Amr on May 21. Detectives with the Homicide Unit have attempted to contact Tyson, but he has not been cooperative with the investigation. There is no physical description or lastRead More

2017 Cannes Lions International Festivity of Creativity coming to WAG

We’ve all heard about people cutting their cable cords and the rise of streaming services like Crave TV and Netflix. But if you thought commercials as a medium were on their way out, think again. Commercials haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, Audra Lesosky from Winnipeg’s McKim Communications Group said there are many places to see them, aside from on the small screen. “It’s video and it runs across multiple mediums, including online and in theatres etc.” But with so many viewing options, Lesosky said creative commercials are more critical thanRead More

WARNING: Video appears to show small dog being thrown

WARNING: Video appears to show small dog being thrown Source link #USA #News #USnews #worldnews #headlinenews #Breakingnews #weathernews #UnitedStates news #CanadianNews #weatherforecast top news #stories,Us news today #hourlyweather #Cbcnews #CBC

The Note: Democrats can revel in Doug Jones’ win, but more battles loom – Sharing #ABC #News Feed

The TAKE with Rick Klein Yes, they (still) can. But it won’t always be this easy, and this was pretty hard at that. Democrats have every reason to celebrate their victory in Alabama. They can revel in storylines about new coalitions in red-state America, and about Republican dissensions and governing difficulties. But their true battles have barely begun. On cue, the push for a final tax bill gets urgent public attention today, with President Donald Trump speaking about it and the House and Senate conference committee meeting publicly for itsRead More

Some forests aren’t growing back after wildfires, research finds – Technology & Science

Emily Chung Bigger, hotter wildfires are ravaging forests and burning them to the ground more frequently as the climate gets hotter and drier. Now a new study shows that in some places in the U.S., those forests may never grow back. That adds to evidence that amid climate change, some forest landscapes — including those in Canada — can change dramatically after being burned. The new U.S. study looked at 1,500 forest sites affected by 52 wildfires in five states in the U.S. Rockies between 1985 and 2015. It found overall decreasesRead More

Democrats say Trump’s tweets about NY senator sexist, unsavoury

Nancy Benac and Jonathan Lemire, The Associated Press Published Tuesday, December 12, 2017 12:48PM EST WASHINGTON — Plowing into the sexual harassment debate in a big way, U.S. President Donald Trump laced into Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Tuesday, tweeting that the New York Democrat would come to his office “begging” for campaign contributions and “do anything” to get them. Democrats accused the president of making unsavoury insinuations. Gillibrand, D-N.Y., who had called for Trump’s resignation a day earlier because of allegations of sexual misconduct, called Trump’s attack a “sexist smearRead More