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Starting a Business with the SBA’s Help.

Learn how to start a Business with the SBA’s Help. Join our interview with Sheree Coates an Economic Development Specialist with the U.S. Small Business Administration, Santa Ana District Office and Desiree Patno, CEO and Founder of the National Association of Women in Real Estate Businesses (NAWRB). Stay connected with NAWRB: source #businessloans #smallbusinessloans #small #business #administration #sbaloans #smallbusinessgrants #smallbusinessfunding #loan for my #business

Small Business Laon / Best Way To Get Small Business Loan

Small Business Laon / Best Way To Get Small Business Loan what is needed for a small business loan , small business loans california , funding a small business , small business loans with bad credit , small business loan for franchise , small business loand , taking out a small business loan , goverment small business loans , how hard is it to get a small business loan , small business loans for bad credit , small business loan apr , small business loan bad credit , Best WayRead More

Modern Tips For Small Business Start-Ups – This video gives you the best modern tips for starting your own small business or start-up. Download Our FREE Small Business Podcast Download Our FREE Infographic – FREE Poster for the Office Wall Mindfulness Meditation Ten Top Tips for Small Business 1. Understand ‘why’ you are starting a Small Business 2. What is your Point of Difference? 3. How are you going to Structure your Small Business 4. Law, Rules and Regulations 5. You are the Boss – Act like it 6. Do Not Accumulate DebtRead More

How to Get a Small business Loan for Barber Shop

How to get a Small Business Loan for Barber Shop We Offer Business Term Loans to Barber Shop Owners From $10,000 to $500,000 or more. This is a simple and fast loan process. You can receive a decision within 1 day, and funding of $10,000 to $500,000 as soon as 1 – 2 business days. Use the funds as you choose: Need to expand? Want to take advantage of volume discounts? Need to better manage your cash flow needs? It’s your business, so you decide how to use theRead More

Funding New Business & Newtek Provide SBA Loans has teamed up with Newtek, the Small Business Authority” to offer small to medium-sized businesses rapid access to SBA loans. By pressing he button below, you get access to the largest non-bank guaranteed government lender in the United States. In most cases you can be pre-qualified in as little as 48 hours. The application process is easy. Newtek completes all of the SBA application documents for you. Get access to funding for as much as five million or as little as fifty thousand dollars today! source #businessloans #smallbusinessloansRead More

What Are The Alternatives to SBA Financing

SBA loans aren’t the only game in town; there are some alternatives to these loans that many small business owners might not know about. – For more info about SBA financing visit or Contact Us! – Email us at Toll Free Phone # (888) 778-5677 source #businessloans #smallbusinessloans #small #business #administration #sbaloans #smallbusinessgrants #smallbusinessfunding #loan for my #business

Predatory Lending: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Payday loans put a staggering amount of Americans in debt. They prey on the elderly and military service members. They’re awful, and nearly impossible to regulate. We’ve recruited Sarah Silverman to help spread the word about how to avoid falling into their clutches. Connect with Last Week Tonight online… Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: TweetsRead More

How to get SBA loan & Non-profit Banks no accountants/lawyers. dis code=bizloan50

Links below are from the recent live video on gov’t loans Get 50% Off My New Course: “10 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Searching for Gov’t Grants “ Use coupon code = “MISTAKE50” Nicer Banks & Those That Give Grants ***Don’t Put Money into a Savings Account to Buy of House, Go to School, or Start a Business If the Bank Doesn’t Add Grant Money to It Watch Video IDA Saving Programs (Individual Development Accounts) are a subsidized way to save money to have a better life. It allowsRead More

How to Get a Business Bank Loan

Want to know how to receive a business bank loan? Listen to my interview with commercial banker Rafael Martinez of Access National Bank. Bank loans are the cheapest form of funding; however, you must have a few items lined up to be eligible. To learn more about writing a business plan for bank loans, visit To speak with commercial banker Rafael Martinez, email source #businessloans #smallbusinessloans #small #business #administration #sbaloans #smallbusinessgrants #smallbusinessfunding #loan for my #business

Loans for small businesses at a low 7% interest rate for the 1st year.

In line with the one trillion LBP allocation for small businesses, we now offer loans up to LBP 150 million for each business owner at a low interest rate of 7% for the first year . This offer is a testimony to the important role SMEs play in economic growth. source #businessloans #smallbusinessloans #small #business #administration #sbaloans #smallbusinessgrants #smallbusinessfunding #loan for my #business