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NDP MP prompts first-ever secret ballot vote in Parliament

OTTAWA – A New Democrat MP has successfully appealed a ruling on her bill that will see members of Parliament participate in a historic secret ballot vote. NDP MP Sheila Malcolmson’s private member’s bill was deemed “non-voteable” by a committee, essentially leaving it dead in the water. But she decided to pursue a never-before-used procedural tool to bring it back to life, and House Speaker Geoff Regan ruled in favour of her bid Thursday. MPs will now vote in Parliament’s first-ever secret ballot on whether they agree with the committee’sRead More

RCMP investigating rash of break-ins in Carman

RCMP in Carman, Man. are looking into a string of vehicle and garage break-ins that took place in a single night. The Mounties received the reports on Thursday. Investigators have learned that in all of the incidents, keys were left in the vehicles and garage doors were left unlocked. The RCMP is encouraging people to lock their vehicles and remove their valuables, including garage door openers. An RCMP spokesperson said it is not yet known how many suspects were involved. Anyone with information on the break and enters can callRead More

Travelling by public transit in Toronto exposes you to damaging bursts of sound, study says – Toronto

Kate McGillivray The sudden screeches, squeals and clangs that are a regular feature of commuting by public transit in Toronto could be contributing to long-term hearing loss and other health problems, says a new study out Wednesday in the Journal of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. Though average noise levels while walking, biking, driving or taking transit fell within safe exposure levels, the study found that sudden bursts of sound that exceed safe decibel levels are a common occurrence while commuting by transit or bike.   “We knew that itRead More

Australia loses 9th legislator in citizenship crisis

CANBERRA, Australia – An Australian senator who is British by descent has become the ninth lawmaker to leave Parliament over a 116-year-old constitutional ban on dual nationals running for office that threatens to bring down the government. Skye Kakoschke-Moore is a member of the Nick Xenophon Team minor party. She said Wednesday she discovered she was British while gathering evidence ahead of a December deadline for Australia-born senators to provide documented proof that they had not inherited the citizenship of an immigrant parent or grandparent. She will resign when theRead More

Man shares story of falling into icy water in rural Manitoba

73-year-old Ken McInnes is tough. It’s not just because he hauls and chops wood and still works on the family farm. McInnes walked away from a crash that sent him off a bridge and into icy water in rural Manitoba. It happened Friday morning in the RM of Dufferin on Road 18W north of Highway 3, about a 20 minute drive from his home in St. Claude. McInnes was delivering a trailer when he said he hit a patch of ice approaching the crossing. He along with the trailer andRead More

Puck sends Canucks fan to hospital

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Canada and U.K. form alliance to phase out coal to combat climate change – Politics

Mia Rabson Canada and the United Kingdom have enticed 18 other nations to adopt their mutual goal of weaning themselves off coal-fired power — but at least two provinces are trying to negotiate their way out of the federal government’s own domestic plan. Environment Minister Catherine McKenna was all smiles Thursday as she and her British counterpart officially launched the Global Alliance to Power Past Coal at the United Nations climate change talks in Germany. Eighteen countries, five provinces and two states signed onto the Canada-U.K. alliance. “We’re seeing hugeRead More

CTV News at Six for Nov. 16: Fatal crash

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Cybersecurity: Barely perceptible threat has potential to derail Canada’s economy – Business

Sunny Freeman What is nearly imperceptible, leaks important secrets and can keep Canada’s top bankers up at night? A cyberattack. It’s not a punch line but a seriously haunting prospect for those in the upper echelons of Canadian governments and corporations. When Victor Dodig checks his phone in the morning, the chief executive of CIBC dreads reading that any government or corporation, anywhere in the world, has been hacked, he told an Ontario Securities Commission panel last month. “Obviously, it would be more of a concern if our institution was,Read More

Valerie Plante to be sworn in as mayor

Montreal’s first female mayor will be sworn in this afternoon in a ceremony that begins at 4 p.m. eastern. Valerie Plante caused a major surprise when she won more than 51 per cent of the vote on Nov. 5 to defeat incumbent Denis Coderre. Plante, who was born in Rouyn-Noranda in northwestern Quebec, spent a year as a teenager in North Bay, Ont., to learn English. She moved to Montreal at the age of 19 and attended university where she received degrees in anthropology and museology. She then worked forRead More