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My name is Mel barged in and they call me the most armed man in America. I have over bought thousand weapons in my name over 200 machine guns I have bought it deserved is anxious abstraction and packaging might throwing everything I have. It’s legal status Colorado business to friends or at recommends against him right now Unita trespass your target 3% of Americans. According to recent study over 50% of guns and Brett bond group the idea that so few people have such a large concentration weapons they get addicted to you know catching your blood. We’re driving upland property now to. And there’s all kinds are warning signs as you can see if anybody comes on your property. And threatens you or bodily. It’s legal vision of Colorado laws they should have that nationwide this is one of the first signs they see when they drive up dry them land drive. I actually have six shooting range. Whatever Kelly used for they won they won a field of firepower they wanna have undergone just like that to show people they’re inspired away already had a good dose of their big goes up we’ve been selling more guns in the last three weeks that we did the last eight months this Jewish. Diego fifteen that you’re shooting used and shovel and taxes in the church and Lowell Nashua thirty round magazine. Afford your magazine. Even a hundred ground. And only news. Shah and ready to go misses the same type of gun that was used to bankers with the Bob stock. This’ll actually shoot. Fire 500 dollars from them. This is a twelve gauge of pistol grip shotgun and just like to kids used India column line. Master girl and they used one similar to. We saw a real man whose guns. It’s very very easily by go to mr. color and within less than fifteen minutes. Welcome to front Georgia when a rifle were shocked the whole midwest there’s almost like Colorado seamless. What you think when you shop getting its. It’s. Well the guy looked a 100% normal I could never I would nobody could have been noted that some would elect as can do something like. To him to shoot that many people people really probably has some more he just hated people close. You know that happens. And then there’s a lot of concern about mental health and guns what kind of background checks mental health judge. While it gives no real you know you can be good good good and then all of a sudden you get a brain tumor. They’re not gonna find that out right way. How much this year weapons collection cast while just a machine guns are almost two million dollars. And and a regular guns city inventories probably another million and a half dollars military vehicles maybe three million dollars that your wife died in the explosion on this property write some years ago. The Discovery Channel you know we would do and film for my own show roof omen for months and months. And just the last thirty seconds or we had to do is walk through a hole. Barrage of smoke and wanted to smoke. Containers turned into a rocket and went right past me and right through. And killed a so they canceled and through way to hold the whole show. Here’s my house over hill well enough to it. I live by myself. And this is all I really and he. Excellent and yet at all fixed up like oldies. Brings back a lot of members today when I grew up in New York point that I and a tough neighborhood fact that they used get beautiful. I had to pay 25 cents suitable use for protection. You know every week for your vote. Police here you’ll get a bullet and then when I got older I believe the other the other kids you know it’s a whole cycle. Let me show you my bedroom we got like 58 machine guns and got sawed off shotguns got instant page was of handguns all around. The whole area you know I have four girls a level this is Betty we got Betty here we got jail. We got Jennifer I need somebody to vote oh. They never really have to go shopping. The very polite they like dead. And you know we talk about machine guns and hot rods in these post up lives. I don’t really count which your life as members of the I’m realize to a when it gets cold in order went their rights and on the good boys. Come home afterwards at which a jukebox song and I talked to the girls we have a cup of coffee I saw the fire you know if it gets cold. I follow my guns watched TV and I go to bed this whole house that stuff like this. Put me back in my Aaron back in the city.

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{“id”:50860789,”title”:”‘Most armed man in America’ on mass shootings”,”duration”:”4:51″,”description”:”Mel Bernstein, known as the “most armed man in America,” has an estimated 4,000 weapons on his Colorado compound, known as Dragonland.”,”url”:”/US/video/armed-man-america-mass-shootings-50860789″,”section”:”US”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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