Michio Kaku – Controlling The Weather

Michio Kaku – Controlling The Weather
from Sept. 2013


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35 Comments to Michio Kaku – Controlling The Weather

  1. JohnnyD63007 says:

    They've  been working on that technology since the days of Nickola Tesla (Wardenclyffe Tower)

  2. I do NOT think that HAARP is the cause – if they can do artificial-hurricanes at all, they might do it from space by: special-satellites circling-synergised and creating very strong energy-fields in clouds-sprayed-with-metallic-nano-particles and drawing those clouds together into a twisting circle.

  3. Ummmmmm has anyone not heard of HARRP? We're hundreds of years ahead of what's been reporting here.

  4. R Y says:

    2:51 "The most interesting man in the world" does not pitch a tequila, but he blows your mind with physics and science and shit! LOL

  5. Brian Bowhay says:

    Why did she say "alleged". Operation Popeye is a matter of public record. The tech patents are a matter of public record. What is it exactly that is "alleged"?


  7. Moon Cake says:

    Folks, keep that in mind. Scientists, yes, have ways to control WEATHER just a bit like making clouds to rain. It's good science and technology beneficial to farmers and all human beings but drought still exist somewhere because human beings can't control CLIMATE.

  8. Talia Oliver says:

    They been doing this shit

  9. Ron Angell says:

    The fact is that the lasers are directed energy weapons and violate US Federal law and International law- US LAW TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 113B > § 2332h § 2332h. Radiological dispersal devices uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?path=/prelim@title18/part1/chapter113B&edition=prelim (3) Special circumstances.— If the death of another results from a person’s violation of subsection (a), the person shall be fined not more than $2,000,000 and life imprisonment TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 113B Terrorism > § 2332h § 2332h.

  10. DOSSANO says:

    are you happy with all the Haarp hurricanes ruining millions of people !!!! and destroying st barth, st martin and more islands while looping and killing is made by gangs? !!! HAARP and CHEMTRAILS WE KNOW !

  11. Making “hurricanes with machines” may sound like something from a science fiction movie, but engineering storms through artificial weather modification are nothing new.One of the world’s leading scientists, Dr. Michio Kaku, recently let slip on live TV that Governments have had the ability to create hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and major flooding for years.During an interview on mainstream media outlet CBS news, Kaku said that secret government weather modification programs have successfully created hurricanes by spraying the skies with nano particles and storms and then “activating” storms using “lasers”.

  12. Jasmine S says:

    Get the F*&^%K out of my sky!!!

  13. Ron Angell says:

    Directed Energy Weapons – By the order of the Secretary of the Air Force- Air Force Policy Directive 91-4 October 11th 2011 – Safety – Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) Distribution is UNLIMITED – Publications and forms can be downloaded from Air Force Police Directive 91-4 Directed energy Weapons Safety http://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/af_se/publication/afpd91-4/afpd91-4.pdf US LAW TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 113B > § 2332h§ 2332h. Radiological dispersal devices(3) Special circumstances.— If the death of another results from a person’s violation of subsection (a), the person shall be fined not more than $2,000,000 and life imprisonment Current Photographs of me- https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=633754003313637&set=a.150216405000735.26028.100000371299469&type=1&relevant_count=8

  14. Inconlusive! What does that mean? It means there's no proof that it has been done. Why do people think that because of this interview the government is unleashing monster hurricanes on us? Because they are paranoid! Yes he did mention the possiblity of one day causing hurricanes, but he's still talking in future tense. There is the future and there is now. Personally I know it takes a lot of heat over the ocean to cause a hurricane. That's what causes them heat from the water. Heat in the upper atmosphere? Not too sure that would do it. When the heat starts at sea level it has to rise all the way up that's what causes a massive spinning vortex. It brings up warm moist air form the surface to the upper atmosphere where it cools down and persipitates. Only if they can raise the temperature of the ocean can they cause a hurricane. Now let these people show me how the government is raising the temperature of the ocean then they have something. A bunch of mojo theories that don't fit the scientific facts will not convince me. If you don't know the science behind weather you should not talk about theories. Kaku is a theoretical physicist not a meterologist. As for these experiments he talked about. He was not even involved in those experiments. The only experiment I can find that's credited to Kaku is the time he built an atom smasher in his garage. That does not mean that he did not some experimenting in coledge. Coledge students often perform experiments as part of their education.

  15. Actually you can find news on oficcial newspappers talking about controlling the clouds. Put on Google: "China's largest cloud seeding assault aims to stop rain on the national parade" for example… and it´s only from 2009…

  16. "One day, manipulate the weather will be possible" ?!?!?!? LOL:

    – Patent US 2550324 A "Process for controlling weather" 1948
    – Patent USRE29142 "Combustible compositions for generating aerosols, particularly suitable for cloud modification and
    weather control and aerosolization process" 1973
    Sorry, I´m Spanish, I have more proofs in spanish, for example:

    -The law, Oficial Bulletin of the Estate, (B.O.E) water law, 2001, art.3 (the end of the second page):

    Article 3. "Modification of the atmospheric phase."
    The atmospheric phase of the hydrological cycle
    only could be artificially modificated by the Administration of the
    State or by those whom it authorizes.

    – Search some information about David Keith, an important geoingenieer, you could ear this sentence: "it´s not really a moral hazard, it´s more like free riding on our grandkids" ….

    EEUU, Israel, China and a lot of other countries have been play with the weather since the 70´s. But we know how to "plant clouds" since begining of XX century.. Spain, Venezuela, UK….

    This is a fucking mad world… an most of people is being like sheeps in front of the TV… cooooooooool

    A hug!

  17. vivianfire says:

    lol "inconclusive", "alleged to, alleged to" "and in the lab.."
    they have been seeding for decades.. way before all the new tech
    how come there is drought again in the west then?
    where is our (gone over a decade) monsoon season of rain for weeks on end? (miss offroading in the mud.. finally sold the hummer realizing its not coming back)
    coinciding with the 12 years of spraying?…
    along side the heavy storms on the east coast? nevermind something cool is on tv!

  18. THANK YOU DEAR MR.KAKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-FINALLY A BRAVE MAN WHO SAYS THE TRUTH!-We have had it with those awful chemtrails and the so dangerous HARP systems on earth !

  19. Dan Saver says:

    Hurricanes are large storms with
    rotating winds. They form over the warm waters of the ocean when
    there are large pressure and temperature differences between the warm
    water and the clouds. The clouds pull the moisture and the air near
    the surface of the water up, toward the clouds, which creates a
    column of fast-moving air.  Hurricanes are normal and are needed to
    balance the earth's seasonal temperatures and have been here before
    mankind.  However, I see lunacy forming amongst the Democrats, the
    View 'grannies' (anyone on The View or who watches and agrees with
    their agenda) and Hollywood actors and actresses.  That is more

  20. 44R0N says:

    If people are watching this and they don't think that it's already happening, you are absolutely naive and stupid.

  21. eligant Rebl says:

    what a cunt.
    all smiles as he explains how the CIA murdered Vietnamese.


  22. chula says:

    hahahahaha top fake news

  23. minivanjack says:

    "Alleged"??? Where has the Charlie Rose team been? Weather mod has been admitted by the military since BEFORE Viet Nam!

  24. If Yoda says so. Trust him I do.

  25. Dario Turchi says:

    Traducción por favor

  26. Forget it. It's what ever you yourself wants it to be. But I don't have to believe in you!Yesterday news was way back in the early 60's when I found out they seeded clouds to make it rain on western Texas crops. I lived there in the pan handle of Texas. This was in Plainview Harold Paper. Plainview is in Hale county and in Texas. DUH! I heard my father reading this article (Front Page) about cloud seeding. I ask him what it meant. He explained they put something in the clouds to make them build up water and then they rain on the crops. They did it so drought would not kill the crops. Drought kill crops then kills people. That's the truth! Read history on supposably rumors (OMG) :o) Get real not stupid! It's been going on and on and on……..enfinity…….

  27. climate chains? WTF dumb bitch.

  28. Dead Prepper says:

    Looks like the HAARP program isnt much of a conspiracy theory anymore.

  29. Ron Angell says:

    http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/743288.pdf. Technical Report 244 US Dept of commerce – the National Climate Center Fourth Annual Survey a http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/743288.pdfTechnical Report 244 US Dept of commerce – the National Climate Center Fourth Annual Survey a Report on Air Weather Service Weather Modification Program Fiscal Year 1971 published by the Air Weather Service (MAC ) United States Air Force 1972

  30. the alleged Vietcong incident is called Operation Popeye and you can find it in the DOD website if you search for it

  31. Matt Stavor says:

    If you go to google patents the haarp exist for a long time

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