Hurricane Irma Local Forecast 2 – 9/9/17

Major hurricane Irma is still on its way to Florida. The entire peninsula will feel the effects of this colossal storm. And now, Hillsborough County is under a hurricane warning as you can see on the alert crawl. Also, there’s three alerts on the alert page of the local forecast. Things will really begin to go downhill 24 hours from now.
I’m a little curious, where is the Red Mode for the LDL and sidebar? It was recently activated during coverage of Hurricane Harvey.

I’ll continue to upload videos during this catastrophic weather event for the Tampa area.


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3 Comments to Hurricane Irma Local Forecast 2 – 9/9/17

  1. Weatherman99, why did you recording a local forecast at midnight?

  2. The weather channel is now on Red Mode.

  3. Jean Delfin says:

    Now they need a Storm Surge Warning narration

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