Airborne Weather Radar – more evidence of Earth’s curvature.

Airborne Weather Radar at zero tilt will scan an angle 2.8 degrees down from Level.

At 290 Miles from Hawaii the Mountains should be visible on the Radar with zero tilt if the Earth was Flat – the angle from aircraft to the base of the Mountains is 1.7 degrees.

However with zero tilt they are not visible. This is because the Earth is NOT Flat.

We need to tilt the radar down 3 degrees to see the Mountains clearly.

Links to original photos used in this video

PS, there is a typo in my video at 3:28 – that should be 252 Nautical Miles.


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24 Comments to Airborne Weather Radar – more evidence of Earth’s curvature.

  1. cranium1210 says:

    Great video another nail in the coffin of bullshit. Flatards stick fingers in the ears and shut eyes again . Truth seekers my arse!

  2. Paul Ewing says:

    I really can't believe I'm getting sucked into this flat earth phenomenon. Not that I have I believe it but the incredulity that in this day and age people of seemingly normal intelligence are convinced of its validity. You've put some fantastic videos with irrefutable evidence of the reality we're living on a globe. Great and interesting videos. Keep up the good work.

  3. Rob Guyatt says:

    A piece of advice to you globies congratulating Wolfie for putting another nail in the coffin of the flatties silly ideas. Do not waste your time. You might think this or any other excellent evidence for reality is troubling to them but it is not. Anything contrary to any conspiracy theorist (moon hoaxers, anti-vaxxers, 911 truthers, chemtrailers climate change sceptics, creationists etc. etc. etc.) is nothing more than water off a duck's back. They all have these things in common. Science denial, total arrogance that only their way of thinking is right, a general anger at and are abusive toward anyone who doesn't agree with them, they are the only intelligent ones etc. etc. I used to think that if only our education systems taught philosophy of science before chemistry, biology, physics etc. Taught critical thinking, logical fallacies and Ocums Razor and much more would stop this stupidity but I am not so sure anymore. I do think education could reduce the number of people joining this stupidity but I think there will always be people who, even with zero education in science will argue against the immense scientific knowledge we have built over the last few thousand years and especially the last few hundred years. And then there's religion. I like the saying. Bad people will always do bad things but only religion will make good people do bad things. Just remember fellow globies, this modern wave of flat earthery has its roots in religion. And I'll finish with a quote from an obscure amateur philosopher (me);

    Ah, the internet;
    Making smart people smarter;
    And dumb people more common.

  4. Airborne weather radar?? wait wait wait, hold on there. This stuff is way too complicated for me to come up with an ad hoc reason to debunk it. Plus, without any looming dark music, the silence makes your voice feel too invasive, like I HAVE to pay attention to what you're saying. I'll just pretend this video doesnt exist, you're also a shill. flat earth 4 lyfe

  5. Could you please tell me what is the type of the airplane you flight on and what is its radar range? Thank you.

  6. Gee Wolfie, do you really NEED to know that much math to be a pilot? Flat Earth believers would have us think math is useless.

  7. Kauai being at a 3% down tilt means the island is not at EYE LEVEL either!!

  8. HerosOfTheGlobeEarth

    Another great job..,

  9. T D says:

    great video, I've shared this at earth discussions.

  10. fixitsan says:

    Sorry for the off topic (sort of) posting, but this is a wonderful video showing contrarotation of stars about the poles, at 14 seconds. Gorgeous !

  11. Hidden Rambo says:

    Are you attempting to be misleading on purpose? The range of the beam at that distance would be about 80,000ft tall and wide but still needs to be aimed down to have the stronger portion of the beam to get a more accurate display as the beam energy drops off from center otherwise a large area will appear small. Which is common and you would know so it seems you are being tricky. This is not showing curve taken into account "line of sight" does that this is taking advantage of peoples trust and misleading them. Over that distance the tilt wouldn't need to be that much 1 degree would do it showing the drop off of the strength of the signal not curvature.

  12. kyle matthew says:

    It is still Flat, the sea is still level

  13. Wolfie, not up to a bazillion views and thumbs up yet simply means your factual information is completely invisible to flatearthers. They instinctively sense it to not view what you are doing because it ends the spell.

  14. fixitsan says:

    I just had a flat head mention Van Allen Radiation belts to me, and they said there were no satellites.
    So I reminded them of a) the belts are impossible on a flat earth and b) were only discovered because a manmade satellite flew through them, so they probably shouldn't try to use globe earth facts in any of their arguments !

  15. Phuket Word says:

    And what was it to the right, not far in front of the plane that the radar caught more of when you tilted it?
    By your diagram, you would not see much of the terrain or weather just in front and beneath you.

  16. Phuket Word says:

    Yet while you were flying level at 45,000 ft, with a horizon at eye level (or just below, depending on refraction / diffraction etc.), empty space should have been your view directly ahead at eye level above a globe.
    But no, you see the surface ascending. So does your radar, just like the field of view of our eyes, except it is sweeping its eyes back and forth all the time, scanning the foreground.
    In your head, the maths is making you visualize yourself either with a bulge in front of you pr looking down a curve while still flying straight and looking straight ahead,
    What was the scatter setting on the radar, by the way?

  17. You must be a massive thorn in the side of the flat earth cult..
    Well done.. Great video

  18. Tj Wiets says:

    Wolfie, I'm curious, does Airborne Weather Radar have "sun spikes" the way ground based radar does when the Sun passes through its cone of rotation?

  19. Vincent B says:

    some evidences more
    Vendée globe

  20. Kelly White says:

    Adding to the enormous stack of evidence… still waiting to see any FEer address any of it.

  21. DANG JOS says:

    Hi Wolfie. Yet another great video. I was wondering if you have a good gyroscope that could be tested on your plane while flying East

  22. fixitsan says:

    am i alone in realising that the flat earth videos are all monetised……and every time you react to a comment update the initial ad plays again. Kerching. Im starting to think there is an element in the FE crowd who just go for the clicks

  23. fixitsan says:

    1.7 degrees ! out of frustration one recent evening I made this vid (disjointed and slow) but I got 1.7 degrees too !

  24. Oh I can't wait for Bob and the other flat earth idiots to try to explain this one. Nice job Wolfie.

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