How to listen to 10Best on Alexa, Google and smartphone apps

Tune in using your smartphone or smart speakerTune in using your smartphone or smart speaker — Photo courtesy of E+ / martin-dm

This will be the easiest trip you’ve ever taken; no airport security hassles and you don’t even have to pack a bag.  Okay, so it’s more of a virtual trip, but you’ll feel like you’re traveling with 10Best when you listen via smart speaker or smartphone.

You’ll hear stories that inspire you to explore the world, tips for travel, and fun tidbits about events, culture and food. With content updated every morning, there’s always something fresh to look forward to.

Here’s how to access 10Best content across the multiple platforms.


1. Click here to enable USA TODAY 10Best flash briefings.

On Mobile:

-If you have the Alexa App on your phone, tap on ‘Open Alexa’ which can take you to the Alexa App. Sign in using your credentials if you are not already logged in.

-If you don’t have the Alexa App, tap on ‘download the Alexa App’ which will take you through the download steps. Sign in using your Amazon credentials, if you are not already logged in.

-Once you are logged in, you can either tap on this link or go to the Menu in Alexa App, then tap on  ‘Skills and Games’ and then Search for USA TODAY 10Best.

-Tap on ‘ENABLE’.

On Desktop:

-Sign in using your Amazon credentials and then click on ‘Enable.’

2. Ask Alexa, “What’s in the news?” every morning, perhaps while sipping your coffee and getting ready for the day.  You can even set up a routine in the app.

-Go to the Menu in the Alexa App and Tap on ‘Routines’.

-You can ‘enable’ Alexa’s pre-made routines by saying ‘Alexa, Start my day’ or you can make your own custom morning routine!

Google Assistant

1. Go to Account in your Google Home app (Download on Android or iOS). Tap on ‘More Settings’ and then tap on ‘Services.’ Look for ‘News’ and tap on it.

2. If USA TODAY 10Best isn’t already in your News sources, scroll down and tap on ‘Add news sources.’

3. Look for USA TODAY 10Best and check the box. 

4. Now say “Hey Google, listen to the news.”

5. USA TODAY 10Best is updated every morning. To make this a part of your Google morning routine, go to Account and then tap on ‘Assistant.’ Scroll down and tap on ‘Routines’ to customize your ‘Good Morning Routine.’

6. You can also say “Hey Google, play USA TODAY 10Best.”


1. Download the app on Android or iOS.

2. Follow this link to listen on the iHeartRadio app.


1. Download on Android or iOS.

2. Follow this link to listen on the Spotify app.

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