Cheetah climbs aboard SUV during safari trip

Heart-pounding video shows a cheetah jumping into an SUV to find a better scouting spot. Britton Hayes made sure to stay quiet and not make eye contact to the cheetah didn’t see him as a threat.


40 thoughts on “Cheetah climbs aboard SUV during safari trip”

  1. Here kitty kitty, nice kitty kitty. I wish I was that close to that beautiful cat. But not that close. That cheetah was literally behind the guy. Not fair. I'm jealous now.

  2. If that cat was going to harm him it would have done it right off the bat. The cat has seen the safari wagons all the time and knows they are no threat. She was just curious. The guy should be used to this too unless he was new. My friends go on safari every year and have had all kinds of animals come up to vehicle. They have pics of lions on the hood and hanging around doing nothing Scary but fun they say. Thats why they save extra to go there. Cheaper than Hawaii and the only thing that really scared them was the big ass snake crossing the trail in front of them one day. 10 to 12 ft long they think maybe Cobra.

  3. Cheetahs are not much of a threat to humans. But don't try to pet them of course! On the other hand if a lion did those things you'd be in grave danger!

  4. He handled that perfectly. Love the way the Cheetahs were not aggressive, only curious and in need of a good place higher level than the ground. (10 minutes after this they were killing and eating a Elk.)Hence the need for a better vantage point. Personally, I would have pulled out a slim Jim and offered it to him. (so he'd know I'm cool.) And for not ripping up the seats.

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