Sacramento Chick-Fil-A now paying $17 an hour

A Chick-Fil-A in Sacramento, California is hiring ‘hospitality professionals’ for $17 an hour plus paid sick leave and time off.

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8 thoughts on “Sacramento Chick-Fil-A now paying $17 an hour”

  1. Eric Mason,,,, I hope you visit this video post. You are wise to invest just a little more into your employees, especially if can maintain that according to your customer base, or you probable refer to it as your clientele. There are very few employees who would stay long at minimum wage job. You need a large clientele, which implies repeat customers. People who buy and go are not interested in your atmosphere or having a human relation to your employees. However, Clientele, are the regulars who do want the friendly words and smiles. As an old man of 66, I have visited such places just to get a smile. I have no interest in an intimate anything and I assure you I am not stalking . Just a female smile, hell, even a young man's smile can make my day a little better. I could stay at my own home and make a pot of coffee. But to make eye contact and have a few words of communication that is not connected with a computerized voice machine is worth the extra price of coffee. Be aware of bean or should I say coffee bean counters. They will kill a business. Be aware of one other thing. You most likely have adopted the 'no full time employees' model as more and more corporations do. I understand the laws that have forced this to be. However, I have also noticed that so many of those have adopted a model that REQUIRES employees to come in for only 2, 3, or 4 hours at a time. This wastes the employees resources extremely making the value of their employment very low. You would do better to offer as close to full time employment as you can. You can ask some if they are able to do 2,3, 4 hours only. There are sure to be some. Those can off-set those times when an employee can not make it in. There are other things that can be done to improve marketing. I am just a retired Biomedical Equipment Tech, I am not offering a paid advice service, just advice. I hope I have not wasted my time offering this advice. "have you ever thought of inviting 'bucksters' to play their talents for offerings only.? A small area for local 'art displays' Keep it simple …. Not everyone wants to sit, drink coffee, and use their computer especially where someone else could steal their personal data through Bluetooth, or WIFI.

  2. 🤦🏽‍♂️ you guys do realize raising the minimal wage hurts competition, takes out smaller businesses, and raise products prices significantly more right? So when you cant afford a $15 gallon of milk, you know who to blame

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