James Corden: Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are the Ross and Rachel of nuclear negotiation

Can President Trump, Kim Jong Un mend ties? Comics explore in Best of Late Night! Watch our favorite jokes, vote for yours at usatoday.com/opinion.


49 thoughts on “James Corden: Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are the Ross and Rachel of nuclear negotiation”

  1. _why is this funny though? Tensions between North and South Korea and the US have always been pretty high. Despite that, the US and South Korea have both made a lot of progress with North Korea. Then, Kim Jong Un decided to act shady nearing a summit that would've made more progress towards overdue relief for everyone involved, and Trump pulled for a good reason and wrote a semi-professional letter (probably out of courtesy). And people want to make fun of the situation? Meh. The MSM's one trick pony of attempting to gain viewers by bashing everything Trump does is getting super old and kinda pathetic. Oh well. It's not like anyone watches them anyways.

  2. Liberals are just embarrasing themselves, you all should just move on with your lives and accept defeat, just like we did with Obama when he won. Get it through your heads, you can't stop the TRUMP TRAIN, so get on it, or GTFO the way. TRUMP will be president till 2024. TRUMP 2020 !! 🇺🇸😊 💪🏻

  3. In the 50's and 60's people were scared druing the Cold War. In this age, you have to sensationalize nuclear arms with a reference the show Friends so that you can click and here the punchline.

  4. And furthermore DT fans…..
    MAN UP!!
    WHEN I WAS 10. 10 YEARS OLD! I watched Ronnie conducting the tear down this wall speech….
    One of the biggest moments in the 20th century!
    Comedy writers were eating him alive the following day. Particularly with reference to acting jokes.
    And Ronnie achieved and came out on top anyway!
    Welcome to politics in America..
    If you can't take the heat of the stove get out of home ec and join the football team!

  5. I didn't say that Mexico would pay for the wall, did i? I didn't say that I know nothing about a Stormy payoff, did i? I didn't say that I would release my tax returns, did i? I didn't say that I had proof of this, I have proof of that and release no proof of anything, did i?

  6. I hope not everyone believes 1/3 of the utter bullshit on the news or mainstream media. Cause alot of it is garbage. I've seen 1st hand just how shady news channels can be at bending and manipulating information to best suit there agenda or for more views. CNN is a prime example.

  7. I get the feeling Digital Underground is going to come back with a song called, The Trumpty dance. The video will have trump dancing like a fool and America will say, 'oh Trumps not that bad. Look at him trying to dance haha!' Because we are idiots and need to see idiotic behavior on a viral scale to forgive stupid decisions.

  8. I’m glad these comments aren’t paragraphs of political assholes speaking their thoughts about shit no one cares about, instead it’s funny comments, thank you all, you people are great.

  9. Incredibly stupid people…
    Saying Trump couldn't win at poker even though he owned
    the casino…..that's hillary clinton …..she couldn't win A RIGGED ELECTION… She spent at least 600 million including 9 million on a fake dossier that enabled the FBI
    to spy on Trump….she also conspired with Debbie Schultz to cheat Sanders out of the DNC nomination for president

  10. Stupid comedians stfu. Lets see those dumbasses negotiate on behalf of world powers. None of this is meant for comedy. Take the presidency off the comedy scene dumbasses.

  11. This is a truly awful video. The title is misleading, it's just clips without any additional commentary or connective tissue, they didn't pick the best clips they could have, the Trump supporters are in the comments whining… Everything about this video was trash.

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